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Types of welding works performed by our company:

The company LLC Production Complex "Svet Shakhtyora" offers high-quality metalwork to order.

We provide the following services: equipment repair, assembly, rework, hole drilling, thread cutting, marking, metal cutting, straightening, grinding, polishing, welding, stripping and much more.

Metalwork is generally performed in addition to machining performed on machine tools or as a finishing process for the production of various metal products. Depending on the technical task, parts can be assembled from ready-made elements, various mechanisms, their regulation and adjustment, repair. In the course of work, the most important indicator is the accuracy of their execution. After all, product productivity and safety of use depend to a large extent on this.

The level of quality of locksmith work on metalworking directly depends on the professionalism of specialists. Availability of all the necessary reliable locksmith tools. In practice, a very wide range of equipment is used, including: punches, wrenches and universal keys, punches, hammers, chisels, taps, files, sweeps, pliers, grippers, clamps and many other tools.

Our production has all the necessary components to perform locksmith work at a high level.

Locksmith services

In general, locksmith services refer to the type of processing of metal products reproduced with the help of hand tools.

Locksmith work can be divided into three groups:

  • Basic – includes all operations related to giving details the shapes, sizes and condition of surfaces according to the drawings;
  • Assembly - performed directly during the assembly of product units, various devices and machines, other metal structures, ensure the connection and adjustment of all units;
  • Repair - designed to restore damaged products or their elements, to guarantee safety and correct operation as intended.

The price for locksmith work

The cost of locksmith work is calculated individually in each specific case, depending on many factors. When forming the price, such factors as the configuration of the products, materials, terms, the list of necessary works for the performance of the technical task at the appropriate level of quality are taken into account.